Friday, July 8, 2011

Trummor & Orgel - Reflections from a Watery World (2007)

Psychedelia, jazz, experimental

Mixing genres is a virtue not many groups can pull off successfully, if attempted in the first place. But when done right, they often produce the kind of albums that last, contrary to forgettable flavor-of-the-month indie rock.

Trummor & Orgel pride themselves in doing this. The Swedish duo makes laid-back, mainly hammond organ-based music that is rooted in psychedelia as much as it is in jazz. Listening to it reveals a steady flow that sometimes moves towards experimental freak-outs and heavy grooves (never going into full wankery-mode, which is also nice) but then just as easily jumps back to bluesy Hammond solo's comparable to '60s jazz and soul.

Trummor & Orgel - Reflections from a Watery World (V0)

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