Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pochakaite Malko - Laya (2005)

Experimental, fusion, zeuhl, progressive rock
Favorite song: Laya

The second album from the Japanese band with the strange Bulgarian name which means 'Wait for a minute.'  With one less keyboardist and the addition of violinist extraordinaire Akihisa Tsuboy, Pochakaite Malko was prepared to create and release yet another catalogue of challenging, energetic music.  I once saw this band described as Magma (on steroids.) Even if Magmas influence is obvious, Pochakaite Malkos music is very different. And in many moments is more modern, more interesting and more experimental.  And ,possibly, it is the biggest compliment.

The music itself is a breath of fresh air for the zeuhl genre.  The melodic ideas in this album are as extravagant as they are captivating, full of exotic elements (Far East, Arabian, Hindu, North African) and filled with sudden and violent electric violin attacks, distorted piano, pulsating bass and some great jazz fusion and classic influence.

Recommended for any zeuhl fans or even for some heavy jazz fusion lovers.  Terrifically complex and delightful music.

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