Thursday, July 7, 2011

Iqtu - Embarassing Triangle (2008)

Chiptune, IDM
Favorite Song: You Cramp My Style 

Very few people try to break the bounds of bleeping and blooping, opting more for the high-octane, "danceable" chiptune popular on the market. One only needs to look at 8bp or 8bc to find release after release of this style. Iqtu turns this notion down on its head; his album is, without a doubt, the most relaxing compositions an album that sounds "chippy" can be. I feel almost wrong labeling it as chiptune, because it  feels like it isn't. 

Before you is a little bit less than an hour of relaxing, melodic IDM. You can say, "no that's RDJ," "No, that's Autechre," Iqtu does it in his own way that's one of a kind. I can, and will argue, he even does it better. His melodies are catchy. His beats have a poppy, glitchy, almost summer-y feel to them. I describe the album as, well, childish. I by no means, make childish an insult. This album will make you feel 2 or 3 years younger listening to it. He puts a small touch of nostalgia into his music, picking out that kid who played old vidya all those years inside all of us, and treats him to a small ice-cream cone.

It appears to be a trend, but this is free off his website too. 

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  1. Excellent. This is what I've been looking for. Something nostalgic but fresh and new for the summer. And a free download to boot. You couldn't beat that with a big stick.