Thursday, July 7, 2011

Álfheimr - Dream Sequences (2010)

Ambient, Post-rock
Favorite Track: With My Memory Leaves The Last of You 

Álfheimr is a one-man project based in Oregon. A modest person, he states he isn't good with a guitar, a drumset, a piano, or recording. But he damn well does good enough. His drumset has just the right amount of dampening, his guitars the right amount of compression. His playing is a very simplistic, effective approach, capturing the music in a fine form. 

This is the best album personally handed to me by the artist himself. Written from sorrow, this album has bleak soundscapes and deep melodic statements, expressing exactly how he felt when he composed the pieces. Equal amounts of harmonic and dissonant statements allow the listener to breathe and feel Alfheimr and his life.

There are, of course, the crescendos accompanied with 3rd wave post-rock, though Álfheimr approaches them in a much different manner than most. His crescendos are much more subtle, giving a sense of tension, then they leave as subtly as they came, giving a release. Thinking of the album as a song, it begins to pick up in intensity towards Another Song For Remembering,. After is sort of an epilogue to a story. Wrapping up the last bits of emotion and loose ends put forth by previous statements, he masterfully closes with the final chords of Awake. 

As a side note, this is free on his bandcamp, no reason for you not to grab it.

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