Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jay Appleseed - Asteroid Blues (2011)

 Breakbeat, Experimental Hip Hop
Favorite song: Southern Sky

Asteroid Blues, for me, is an album that I can only describe as silky smooth.  From the opening track with it's soft beats and jazzy sax playing throughout to the heavy beats on Southern Sky, and almost distorted sounding grimey drums on Product Desolation this album truly flows well on every track.

It is the first EP from the 19 year old artist, Jay Appleseed.  It draws a lot of influence from the blues soundtrack of the anime series 'Cowboy Bebop' and it shows too, right down to the album cover.  Some tracks also have some gorgeous sounding vocal samples, in 'Surrounded by Stars' for example, which is a really chilled out remix of the post rock song 'Quiet' by 'This Will Destroy You'.

All in all I have a lot of praise for this album.  Lots of high quality samples layered to bring a refreshing mix of both hip hop and blues with a lot of other noticable influences thrown in.  I enjoy it whether I'm out cycling in the sun or just hanging out in my room at night.

Grab the album here and checkout the soundcloud here.

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