Friday, July 29, 2011

Brian Ellis - Quipu (2011)

Psychedelic rock

Astra is a band renowned for their tribute to 70's psychedelic rock. It's rooted in their very sound, production, and of course music. While these guys have gained much attention among the psychedelic rock listeners today, there's still unheard of acts related to this band, not to be disregarded. Brian Ellis is the guitarist of Astra, and this is his newest effort.

The sound of the album is mostly dominated by guitars, and he gives himself a lot of room to experiment a little with his guitar, without it being all too over-the-top. There's a lot of spice too, provided by some uncommon instrumentation, but the ordinart rock band line-up is also a part of it. There's hardly any vocals, save for the last track which includes some odd chantings I have yet to understand what means.

Clocking in at a little over an hour, this is a trip completed by various interpretations of psychedelia, never really going too crazy. It's safe to say that this is in the calmer side of the spectrum of psychedelic rock. A sample of the album is featured here


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